It was very disappointing to learn in May that the Government had pulled the funding from the Skills Agency to the Providers, Buckingham County Council, which allowed them to provide apprentices training by non-funded agencies, that is to say, by charities. Our contract to provide apprentice training will therefore come to an end in April 2018.

This means that we now only have some minor activities alongside our Support Worker company. It will be a challenge to our new management committee to see whether it is possible to obtain funding and once again offer training to young people who due to their economic or social need help to gain employment.

At our 32nd Annual General Meeting, held in May we received the resignation of Bob Stiff MBE and we want to place on record our appreciation of Bob’s service to the company. Not only his role of Director and Trustee since 1992 but also as Company Treasurer for many years. We welcome the election of new members of the General Council which is mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter.

Alan K B Beavis
OBE Chairman


We learnt in April that due to changes in Government funding Buckinghamshire County Council will no longer be able to employ the company to provide training for apprentices. This will bring to an end many years of successful training as we operate a run-down contract, completing qualifications for those registered before April 2017 and completing twelve month’s apprenticeship and cialis pas cher training. We are grateful for all the work done by Alan Hestor for the success of this contract with a successful audit by Buckingham C. C.