Scouting Internationally

BSEL supports Scouting Internationally and other charities through contacts with Scouting.


Project Africa


In 2011 we supported Berkshire Scouts as they travelled to Uganda for Project Africa, a series of development projects.There they built a water tank for the Kavule School for the Deaf along with washroom facilities and developing the existing rainwater gathering system further. 

After a well-deserved rest in which they trekked, white water rafted and visited local towns, they continued their work by spending 3 weeks building two chicken houses, a kitchen and stores for the Bukeka Children’s Centre. The 1000 chickens who live there provide eggs for school lunches and extras are sold at the local market to raise money for the school.

After this success in 2011, Berkshire scouts decided to return in 2015 to carry out further development projects in Uganda. Click the link for more info on Project Africa 2015:



Bambang Sunshine Project

The Bambang Sunshine Project which was originally supported by the International Scout and Guide Club provides financial and other assistance for children with disabilities in the Philippines. The Company produces newsletters for the UK committee of the project as well as sponsoring its website.

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Building Brighter Futures

This charity led by Eric Goulding, leader of Uganda 2000 and his wife Marie, has built and supports two schools in Uganda, one for deaf children. They are introducing a poultry project which will provide food as well as funds to make the schools self sufficient. BSEL provided the financial assistance needed to form the charity so it could carry out its goals and improve the educations of Ugandan children. 

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Bulangira Disables Association

As a result of Uganda 2000, the Company joined a partnership with the BDA UK Project Team, the Uganda Scouts Association and the Friends of Scouting Uganda, to provide a vocational workshop for the Bulangira Disables Association which also supports a 22 strong Scout Group. It provides work for its disabled members and aims to be self sufficient. The land was purchased and the completed workshop handed over to the Association and further improvements have since been made.

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International Scout and Guide Fellowship

The Company supports the work of the International Scout and Guide Fellowship through the National Scout Fellowship (UK). The Company has worked to support adults to participate with others through the ISGF for many years.

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Also see the Uganda Refugees project



Friends of Scouting Europe (FOSE)

The Friends of Scouting Europe (FOSE) are individuals who contribute financially to the growth and development of Scout in Europe. The focus of the support is on Central and Eastern Europe, where Scouting was banned for many years, and where today it has a significant growth potential.

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Mityana Community Development Foundation

BSEL financialy assists Mityana Scout Enterprises (in 2007 this became Mityana Community Development Foundation) with its goal to improve the lives of people living in Mityana, Uganda and develop its community. With our support it has been able to purchase a building to convert to a Community Centre with a library, training room, IT suite and a classroom. This alongside other projects such as improving water facilities and first aid courses help improve the quality of life in the area. We have also provided financial support for the Mityana Scouts, enabling them to take transport to events that would otherwise be beyond their range. 

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Toys For Smiles

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the International Scout and Guide Fellowship, “Toys for Smiles” was launched in late 2013. “Toys for Smiles” helps to improve the lives of children who have been affected by war by delivering toys to them. We provided storage and packaging facilities as well as admin assistance, marketing and publicity for it. Over the course of the year it has provided over 17,000 toys for displaced Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan, brightening their lives in the face of the conflict they fled from.