1. How will my child be looked after?

  • Our Instructors will remind everyone to maintain a social distance of 2m throughout the day, this will be explained as a ‘gentle reminder’
  • Our Instructors are Covid Aware compliant first aiders
  • All activities will be run outside or under open cover if the weather is bad to make the most of the fresh air
  • Regular personal hand sanitising will be encouraged during the day

What measures have we put in place to make the holiday clubs Covid-Secure?

SFBA take the health and wellbeing of the young people and our Instructors very seriously. We have had to implement some changes to ensure this happens safely but still with a focus on the outdoor activities.

Here are some of the measures we have implemented:

  • Resourses will have been cleaned and allocated to set people during the day
  • Clear open outside spaces will be encouraged at all times with the young people
  • Hand washing will be completed prior to lunch and break times and before going home
  • All attendees will be encouraged to bring their own packed lunch; unless stated on the course details
  • All open fire cooking facilities will be cleaned prior, during and after use
  • Group sizes on the day will be a max of 15, these will be reduced down to smaller groups during each activity
  • Toilets will be cleaned before the day starts and at the end
  • We will monitor the cleanliness of the toilets during the day
  • Toilets have single cubicle use
  • Adult toilets are allocated elsewhere in the building
  • Toilet areas have hot water for hand washing with disposable paper towels
  • We offer everyone the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and themselves

How will you register and drop off/ pick up?

  • Bookings must be via the website only
  • We will take a written register on the day outside under cover if the weather is bad
  • Drop off will be 15 minutes prior to the course starting with the parent standing next to their vehicle
  • An Instructor will greet you both by your vehicle wearing a face covering (adult to adult)
  • Pick up will be at the end of the course with the parent standing next to their vehicle
  • An Instructor will escort your young person to your vehicle for you to collect
  • No parents or other adults will be allowed to enter the building, use the toilets or wander the site without permission from the ‘Main Course Instructor’

Please Note:

All our activities are run outside / under open cover, please ensure your young person / adult has good weatherproof items of clothing, it may be worth packing a spare set of dry clothes just in case…